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There are many of these devices still in service today. Whilst the fuses will continue to provide circuit protection the switching mechanisms may be problematic. Often these devices are seized, jammed or welded and are unable to operate correctly. It is our experience that lubrication at this stage of a products life cycle provides only very short-term improvement if any.

Clearly the prospect of replacing switchboards because of incorrectly operating switching devices could have a huge impact on the operation of any business. Aged cables can be hugely difficult to accommodate and the interruption can be very costly.

Switchgear-Retrofit.com have a range of solutions to overcome these problems. We can remove old fuse switch units and fit modern moulded case circuit breakers in their place all from the front of the switchboard and without disturbing those fragile cables. This is an ideal solution where there are only a relatively small number of circuits involved.

We have alternative solutions where there are large numbers of circuits involved including phased switchboard replacements.

Below is an example showing a complete switchboard refurbishment including ACB retrofits and Fuse Switch Retrofits.

Ellison switchboard upgraded with Mitsubishi ACBs and Schneider MCCBs carried out at a Scottish Distillery......
Shortly after commencing employment with Mauri Products Limited as the Engineering Manager it became apparent that two of the main ACB rated at 2500 Amp each installed in two of the distribution boards required replacement due to their age and the fact that one of them had developed a fault causing nuisance tripping. As the equipment had originally been manufactured by George Ellison they were the obvious choice to supply the replacements but unfortunately they had gone into receivership.


Luckily a new company had been formed  that retained the knowledge and expertise relating to this type of equipment and after contacting them and arranging a site visit to discuss my requirements a quote was given and the order placed. 


At all times I was impressed with their knowledge, commitment to customer service and their help in organising and planning the outage to install the equipment was invaluable.


During the installation of the new breakers several unforeseeable problems were encountered and this entailed hard late working which was carried out without complaint until the power was back on.


I can honestly state that I do not think any other company could have resolved the problems encountered so quickly and as such I have no hesitation in recommending them to any other company .


Josh Waterhouse

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