This is where it all started. We installed our first ACB retrofits in 2005 and have fitted many, many more since then. We can replace a wide range of ACBs utilising the best modern devices the market has to offer today. If you have a particular preference for the new ACB then we can of course incorporate that into the retrofit.
ACBs are the central and most important component of most electrical switchgear installations. Failures can have catastrophic consequences including:
Things to ask yourself............
Is your installation really safe to operate?
Will your ACB operate correctly in the event of a fault?
Can your business afford to shutdown for weeks whilst new equipment is manufactured?
Is your business relying on obsolete and unmaintained circuit breakers?
How would you explain a failure when your business is interrupted?
Would you be personally criticised in the event of a failure?
Can you obtain reliable spares for your installations?
Would you loose your job in the event of a failure?
Are you still insured?
Our customers include:
BAE Systems
Amcor Flexibles
Glaxo Smithkline
Bentalls Shopping Centres
Scottish Courage
Cereal Partners
Aberdeen NHS Trust
Dorset Hospital
Mirror Group
Scottish Electric.....................
There are Companies offering plug-in ACB Retrofits. BE WARNED - These rely on aged components including main isolating contacts and racking mechanisms. These aged components are still subject to failure even after this type of retrofit! Do not accept a plug-in retrofit unless you are happy to only do half the job.

Always ask.....    "DO YOU REPLACE THE COMPLETE ACB INCLUDING THE FIXED PORTION". If the answer is "NO", then you will still be relying on aged components. Don't be mislead.

Experts in Power factor correction and LV Switch gear upgrades

ACB Retrofits

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Mob 07786 350764 only supply COMPLETE ACB replacements. Don't accept anything less.
A typical 2-incomer and bus-section retrofit
Completed overnight

'As a consulting engineer tasked by Grampian NHS Trust with renewal of circuit breakers spread over three hospitals in Aberdeen, I have to say I did anticipate a nerve-wracking time given the critical nature of the installations with regard to acute patient care.

Looking back I can honestly say that the works were carried out better than I dared hope. To have some 16 air circuit breakers replaced in-situ without a glitch was a real achievement, especially considering the complex control circuitry involved with mains/generator change-over controls etc.'

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