Experts in Power factor correction and LV Switch gear upgrades

Many electrical installations in use today are perfectly serviceable with the exception of a small number of components. It may be that spare parts are no longer available or the original manufacturer may no longer be trading. In many cases they are trading but unwilling to help with outdated products. You may be looking to add circuits, replace switching devices, add sections
 or you may even want a complete replacement whilst maintaining your existing cables. Many older installations have trouble with aged control or protection systems or exhibit problematic tripping. Do you require metering added to your existing installation?

Many Insurance Companies are introducing more stringent requirements regarding your electrical installation. Does your equipment comply? If not, we can provide retrofit solutions for your equipment to comply without the need for a complete replacement.
We specialise in supporting your existing installation fully with solutions to all of the problems listed above......and more. Whatever the problem, even if one of our many existing kits doesn't fit your requirements, we will utilise the latest design technology to provide you with a bespoke solution.

We will not condemn your existing installation because it is inconvenient to modify. We will not simply try to sell you a product from our catalogue or tell you that your switchgear must be replaced. Just because the original supplier is not around any more, it doesn't make your switchgear unserviceable.

If you are fed up of being told that your installation must be ripped out when it operates perfectly well, contact us. We can bring your installation up to modern standards at a fraction of the cost or inconvenience of a replacement. But, if a replacement is required, we can do it such that your existing cables can be retained.

 The benifits include:

 Reduced Maintenance Minimised downtime
 Reduced cost of replacement Improved performance
 Improved reliability Increased operator safety
 Increased functionality Communications / metering additions
 Remote control options Insurance compliance

 We are able to provide services on a huge range of equipment including:

Ellison - Reyrolle - Schneider - Ottermil - Schneider - Merlin Gerin - Johnson Philips - MEM - GEC - Siemens - Terasaki ABB - Whipp & Bourne - STS switchgear - Mitsubishi - Dorman Smith - General Electric - Eaton - Proteus - AF Switchgear and many more........


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We utilise the latest in 3D CAD technology to ensure that our bespoke switchgear solutions fit every time. We do not design on the fly on site. We fully engineer solutions that you can rely on.
As a customer of ours you receive fully detailed drawings as well as a 3D model that you can examine on any PC. You can now even manipulate our drawings and CAD models on your iPad.
We don't like surprises on site so you get full details of what we are providing giving clarity to any project we are involved in.